Bedfellows Blankets
Peggy Hart

Custom Weaving for Fiber Farmers

I am a textile designer and weaver. I weave on 1940s vintage dobby looms, with widths ranging from 48" to 92". I enjoy working with complex weave structures often using 24 harnesses. For comparison, a standard hand loom has 4 harnesses. Using so many harnesses requires the technology of the power loom, and results in more unusual, intricate patterns. I use the looms as a handweaver does; however, with the flexibility to change patterns and colors as I work.

Since 1990, I have collaborated with spinning mills and small scale wool producers to weave custom designed throws and blankets. Custom blankets show off your carefully cultivated wool to its best advantage, and I enjoy working with each wool grower to come up with a unique design.

The following costs represent the range of estimates for the costs of weaving throws. The more blankets you have woven, the lower the unit cost is because the design and warp set up time is more than half the expense of the work. As this is custom work, the final cost will depend on the size of the yarn and the complexity of the design.

My warp length minimum is 40 yards. Depending on the size of the yarn, this warp length generally requires 40 lbs. of yarn and results in 16 throws (48" x 72"). Throws weigh about 2 1/2 lbs each. Yarn must be on cones, though for an additional charge I can convert skeins to cones. Typically the cost of weaving each throw (not including finishing) will be $65-$90 per throw. If you make the minimum length warp, the cost will be closer to $80/throw. Finishing (edges and washing) is an additional cost, typically $25 per throw.

I can also weave bed size blankets: twin (72" x 90") and full (80" x 90"). Estimated cost for full size is generally twice that of a throw, as they are almost exactly twice the size and weight.

Custom Weaving with Commercial Yarn

I can also do commission weaving to your specifications using commercial yarns. Price/yard will be dependent on size of yarn, complexity of design, and length of warp. Warp length minimum is 40 yards.

Please contact me to discuss your particular needs and interests.

Spinneries: Fleece to Yarn

You will need to have your wool spun into yarn. Where you do this depends on where you live, how much wool you have, and what kind of yarn you want spun.

Here is a partial list of spinneries that I know about. 'Mini mills' seem to be opening around the country; I don't have much experience with them but you may also find one near you.

East Coast

Ashland, ME
Autumn Mist Fiber Mill
Prattsburgh NY,
Bartlett Yarns
Harmony, ME
Offers good pricing with minimum of 100 lbs washed.
Echoview Fibermill
Weaverville, NC
Fingerlakes Woolen Mill
Genoa, NY
Green Mountain Spinnery
Putney, VT
Hampton Fiber Mill
Richmond VT
Harrisville Designs
Harrisville, NH
Kraemer Yarns
Nazareth PA
Offers good pricing with minimum of 100 lbs washed.
Loch's Maple Fiber Mill
Springville, PA 18844
Mad River Woolery
Waitsfield VT
Andrews, NC
Still River Mill
Eastford, CT
Sweitzers Fiber MIll
Seven Valleys, PA
Vermont Fiber Mill & Studio
Brandon, VT 05733
Worthington Acres Alpacas 
Unityville, PA 


Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill
Mt. Horeb, WI
Illinois Fiber Mill
Zeilinger Wool Company
Frankenmuth, MI
Round Barn Fiber Mill
Durand, IL
Stonehedge Fiber Mill
East Jordan, MI


Mountain Meadow
Buffalo, WY
Valley Oak Wool Mill